Catering Services


WE at Fusion cafe provide you with catering service that is food services at a remote site or in sites such as hotels, public house or other locations.

On-Premise Catering: We provide On-premise catering where the caterers prepare and cook the food at the location at which it’s going to be served

Off-Premise Catering: Off-premise services will bring pre-cooked and pre-prepared food to the event location.

Sit-Down Plated Meal or Full-Service Catering: This is one of the most expensive way of catering, but everything is handled by the caterer. A full service may or may not include passed appetizers, desserts and beverage stations. In addition, full service catering generally includes accessories such as linens, plates, utensils, serving dishes and full clean-up.

Take Out / Pick Up / No-Service Catering: With this type of catering, the catering service or the caterer cooks the food and packages it in bulk for pick-up. Plating, serving, dishes and utensils need to be taken.

Drop Off / No-Service Catering: With this option the catering service cooks the food and packages it in bulk and delivers it to the event site. Plating, serving, dishes and utensils need to be taken care of by you.

Buffet: The services in buffet include dishes, plates and utensils. Buffets can include any number of items: appetizers, entrees, salads, desserts and even drinks.

Personal Chef Services Personal chefs come in as many different styles as caterers.

Mobile Catering: We bring work out of a food truck and will bring the “facility” to you! Another option is to simply arrange in advance to have a non-catering food truck arrive on site and cook from a pre-arranged menu.